Sports Marketing Failures: USA Pro Cycling Challenge debuts a recurring feature, where we analyze a particularly misguided sports-themed ad or other marketing effort to attempt to discover just what in the hell went wrong.

Seen on the Internet as a banner ad:

Sports Marketing Failure #1

Manfredi: Selling a bicycling event to a casual audience must be a daunting task, and I appreciate the attempt to engage the average person by creating a sensory experience. However, this misses the mark completely. First off, can you really “see” what something “feels” like, USA Pro Cycling Challenge? Read this and taste what the answer is: no.

More importantly, is promising that the viewer will have an experience similar to “60 miles per hour on 1” of rubber” really a strong selling point. At best that sounds terribly uncomfortable and frightening, and at worst it’s likely to give me horrible chaffing. Also, the combination of “1” of rubber” and “Witness 128 pros take on the Colorado Rockies” sounds vaguely like some baseball-themed gay porn, and definitely not like something I’d feel comfortable watching with children.

Jones: When did Cinemax start televising cycling?


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2 responses to “Sports Marketing Failures: USA Pro Cycling Challenge

  1. Hoob

    The font looks an awful lot like what is used in Ford truck commercials.

  2. Uncle Yetifingers

    I saw the rubber part, didn’t notice the 128-way tag-team by the Colorado Rockies. Well played.

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