Kurt Busch Tries to One-Up Brother in Jerk Competition

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch in August 2007 at Bri...

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Even most casual NASCAR fans know that Kyle Busch has earned a reputation for being a tremendous jerk. When you manage to get suspended for a race for intentionally wrecking another driver DURING A CAUTION LAP, you’re really going above and beyond the call of jackass duty. But let’s not forget that he’s one of two Busch brothers – his older brother Kurt is a former Sprint Cup champion and every bit the petulant child, even if he’s slightly better at hiding it.

It’s easy to forget that while Kyle Busch recently lost his driver’s license for 45 days for excessive speeding, it was his brother Kurt who was detained for drunk driving (although it was later reduced to reckless driving under suspicious circumstances) before a race in Phoenix in 2005. This led to him getting suspended and eventually canned from Roush Racing, which famously declared they were “officially retiring as Kurt Busch’s apologists effective today.”

(It’s also worth noting that Kurt Busch had plastic surgery before the start of the 2006 season to have his giant ears pinned back. This has nothing to do with his temper or attitude, but it’s just funny to think of his team having to tie his ears up like they tried to do with Dumbo in order to get them to fit in his helmet.)

Kurt and Kyle Busch are the Katzenjammer Kids of NASCAR, except without the Teutonic charm. And right on cue – as if to remind everyone that he’s just as much of a jerk as his brother – Kurt has found a way to come off like a world-class meatball. Please witness his exchange with ESPN reporter Dr. Jerry Punch during this weekend’s race at Homestead and marvel at the patience shown by Dr. Punch in not performing some quick plastic surgery and rearranging Busch’s face with the blunt instrument of his fist (warning – language NSFW):

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One response to “Kurt Busch Tries to One-Up Brother in Jerk Competition

  1. Harry Ballz

    He still looks like a RAT

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