Inside Eric Winston’s (and Matt Cassel’s) Brain

First, watch the video, you will be ahead of 98% of the fans who have commented on this story.  Watch this video first or I will FIGHT you!

Did you watch it?  OK, good.

You probably know the tale:  This week Chiefs fans got accused by offensive lineman Eric Winston of cheering for Matt Cassel getting hurt.  On that play you just saw!  Did you spot it?  Here’s Winston’s take:

(It’s important to stress ROMAN Coliseum, as Matt Cassel spent his college years not-playing in the “Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum”.)

Fans everywhere got half the story and start throwing around the word “classless” like the phrase “job creators” in a presidential campaign.  I like what Winston said, but I think he’s wrong.  I’m positive this situation has happened countless times, you just never had a lineman go off to the press about it.  I watched the game (as a Chiefs fan) and I didn’t hear it.  I’m a Chiefs homer and canNOT be trusted.  So, judge for yourself.

When Cassel went down, I BRACED myself for the fan reaction because I know two things:

  1. Fans have been clamoring for Cassel (and General Manager Scott Pioli, and head coach Romeo Crennel) to go.
  2. Many fans are – by nature – terrible people.

 I  CRINGED when they cheered for Brady Quinn coming in, for three different reasons:

  1. Coach Crennel didn’t pull Cassel for performance.  He was injured.  (Or WAS he?  Maybe this was a scam to save face.  If you don’t believe me, watch “The Adjustment Bureau” or “Wag the Dog“.)
  2. Again, Cassel was hurt.  This is surely what rubbed Winston the wrong way.
  3. Brady Quinn was booed harder than Cassel when he played for the EXACT same coach in Cleveland.  Cleveland!
Where everyone’s coming from:

Chiefs fans in general are known for being loud and – believe it or not – knowledgable.  Like any fan base, they have plenty of complainers spewing ignorance and impatience on message boards and sports call-in shows.  They don’t like Cassel.  Some of it’s justified, but he takes too much blame for a bad team.  Says who? Says me! and I’m SMART!

I’m a patient, rational, optimistic fan, and even I’m ready to see the Chiefs try someone else under center.  (Such a gross term.  Think about it.)  Personally, I’d go easy on cheering for the backup coming in when it’s at the expense of another guy’s brain health.  Consider that, and the constant criticism of Cassel, and that it’s Eric Winston‘s JOB so he’s going to take this very personally and maybe you can see what was brewing in his head.

He makes excellent points and is super cool for standing up for the players about what he believes he heard.  Fans do all the complaining but none of the work (or pay, yeah I know).  They can be real jerks and I love seeing them called out on it.  No doubt some dumb-dumb was a little too happy, but in this case, I’m not seeing/hearing it.

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