ORANGETOBER! …and other World Series match ups

We’ve got some compelling World Series matchups.  Let’s dream about what could happen before we inevitably watch the Yankees win another championship.

First, here’s one we lost tonight, but it’s worth mentioning:
San Francisco Giants vs. Oakland A’s – A rematch of the classic 1989 series.  The “Bash Brothers” Oakland A’s swept the Giants and a terrible earthquake rocked the bay LIVE, DURING THE PREGAME.  A Giants/Athletics rematch is obviously a harbinger of terrible seismic activity.  In 2012 we’re not taking any chances.  This matchup should be avoided at all costs. Odds: Ø (That is not zero, that is the “empty set”)

Baltimore Orioles vs. San Francisco Giants – It’s ORANGETOBER!  Two ORANGE AND BLACK teams!  You can’t get any more Halloween than these two playing for the title in late October.  Imagine the fan costumes! Odds 9:1

San Francisco Giants vs. Detroit Tigers : Two Old-Ass Teams™.  Two MVPs: Miguel Cabrera vs. Melky Cabrera (in spirit!).  This series would finally cement “Cabrera” as the new “Jones” of baseball. Lot’s of orange in this one too. Odds: 7:1

New York San Francisco Giants vs. New York Yankees: It’s NEW New York vs. OLD New York.  It’s as classic as drinking an old fashioned or catchin’ polio!  If you’ve read Don Delilo’s “Underworld” (Great book, long) you’re a little excited for this one. Odds: 9:1

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Baltimore Orioles – They are both birds!  Good fall colors too.  This is arguably a “Small Market” World Series, but the Cardinals win World Series…es? like Bruce Dickinson makes gold records. (Yes, THAT Bruce DickinsonOdds: 11:1

Detroit Tigers vs. St. Louis Cardinals – This would be their FOURTH World Series meeting (1934, 1968, 2006), with St. Louis leading 2-1 (and 11 games to 8)  It also makes a great 1988 RBI baseball matchup. Odds: 9:1

Washington Nationals vs. Baltimore Orioles –  Whoa, the Beltway Series! “The Battle for the Nation’s Capitol!” (Thanks Sabermatrician Brad Gilmore!)  Could you imagine the commuter rail lines between Baltimore and DC for this one?  Know what else???  The Redskins play the Ravens this year! Odds: 6:1

Washington vs. New York Yankees or Detroit Tigers – Two VERY likely matchups.  We’ve never seen the Nationals in the playoffs, much less a World Series…or have we?  It’s hard to think of Washington D.C. as an “underdog” at anything, but keep this in mind: The Nationals used to be the EXPOS!  ZUT ALORS! INCROYABLE!  Odds: Was vs. NY 6:1,  Was vs. Det  5:2

(story continues below…)

There are so many exciting match ups – assuming you also base this on uniform color and coincidences – but we’ll probably end up being “treated” to one of these:

St. Louis Cardinals vs. New York Yankees –  Two more Old-Ass Teams™ in a postseason classic RUINING my awesome “ORANGETOBER” marketing campaign.  There are more World Series trophies between these two teams than there are Mary Kate and Ashley Olson straight-to-video movies (1,279).  In their potential SIXTH World Series together, will the redbirds repeat for their 12th World Series title?? Or will the Yankees finally break their 2 year winning-everthing drought and win number 28?  Stay tuned! Odds 8:1

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