Bad Job, Progressive

I logged on to CBS Sports to check my fantasy football team and saw this banner ad from Progressive:


I know they’re probably not encouraging cheering for injuries.  I think.  Honestly, it’s hard for me to figure out WHAT the goal is with this marketing copy.  The joke is lost on me, probably just because it’s unfunny.  That’s fine, a lot of ads try to be funny and fall flat.  This just seems like a bad choice of topics in the first place by going to a really dark, kinda “yucky and weird” place.  At worst, this ad is either accusing me of cheering for injuries (as a Chiefs fan, apparently I do this) or making light of some real insensitive fan behavior, “Hey bro, we all do it!”

At best, Progressive just doesn’t “get it”.  This ad displays the most base level understanding of the sport and what the fans cheer for.  Kinda like if you were to go onto a NASCAR site and see an ad that says, “We’re just watching for the crash too! – Charles Schwab” or a soccer story running an ad for an S&M club that says “We know you like being tied up…”

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