Which NFL team has the most annoying fanbase?

UPDATED 1/29/13!  See current RESULTS <– here!  

friend brought this question to my attention last night, so let’s settle this once and for all.  In this ongoing semi-scientific study, let’s learn not only which fans are the most “annoying”.

Be a part of SCIENCE by and help break down our collective annoyances, then maybe we can figure out which fans get on our nerves the most, and where that dislike comes from.

(Results will be painstakingly sifted and analyzed then updated weekly WITH COOL CHARTS!  Check back for further developments.)

See current RESULTS.  Updated weekly!


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5 responses to “Which NFL team has the most annoying fanbase?

  1. pat

    duh, raiders. is there even any real competish?

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  4. Raiders fan annoying? I don’t think Oakland is even close.

    I had the opportunity to visit Boston two years ago when they won the Stanley Cup. Fans of ANY Boston sports team are the most annoying. The Bruins had just lost a game and the Boston media was just killing Tim Thomas. He won the Conn Smythe trophy as MVP of the playoffs.

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