Annoying Fan Results (Updated 11/12/12)

Teams not listed have 1 or less votes.

Early results are in and apparently: It’s good to be nominated.  With the exception of the Oakland Raiders (more on that in a minute) every team here has a winning record over the last decade – many by a WIDE margin.  Over the history of the entire league, the Raiders have a solid tradition of winning, and pissing people off doing it.  Of  these teams, only the Philadelphia Eagles do NOT have a lifetime winning record (.485).  If your team is “annoying” they’re probably “winning”.  Haters be jealous. (continued below)

I’d like to apologize to the Oakland Raiders for skewed results.  A lot of this is my fault.  There was a high percentage of respondents who either cheer for the Kansas City Chiefs or live in Los Angeles (where a lot of Raider fans still live) after growing up somewhere else.  Somewhat ironically, I fall into both of these categories but voted for the Denver Broncos.

I had suspected a strong bias against the Raiders and division rivals in general, that’s why I asked for home towns and current zip codes.  Washington Redskins fans turned out to hate on the Dallas Cowboys.  The Patriots and Packers drew ire from the NFL fan population in general (good work!), many of who claimed no allegiance.

Keep voting, these results will surely change.  I feel like the Patriots and Steelers could eclipse the Raiders for annoying-ness if they really focus.

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