Who’s Buggin’ NFL fans this week!?

Good job, Baltimore!  Your Super Bowl berth has inspired a QUADRUPLING of your “annoying factor” this week  (truth: that means 3 votes)!  The 49ers received zero new votes this week.

Additional note from the data: Cowboys fans may be more self-aware than we thought.  They have rated themselves an average self-assessment score of 4.26 (out of 5) when asked “How annoying do other fans perceive your fans?”  Patriots fans, meanwhile, give themselves a “3” on the annoying scale.

As always, you can VOTE HERE!

Who's Buggin' NFL fans this week!?


(Yes, every vote is counted and graphed in an ongoing effort to understand NFL rivalries and trends.  Every ridiculous “Seahawks fans eat garbage!” comment is read and enjoyed by an actual human who is compiling all data into attractive graphs for the future.  Updates are generally once a week.  Eventually we’ll break down who-annoys-who by favorite teams, locations and divisional rivalries.  Stay tuned for like…forever.  And tell your friends, as more votes = more accuracy.)

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by | January 29, 2013 · 9:12 pm

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