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EXCLUSIVE: Frank McCourt’s Secret Notebook!

When the Dodgers sold for over 2 billion dollars last month, former owner Frank McCourt retained co-ownership of the parking lots.  He will not receive any parking revenues, but will share in the profit of any future development on the land.

Sporting Nerds has uncovered what is most likely a remarkable and exclusive glimpse into Frank McCourt’s mind when we discovered what we believe to be Frank’s tear-stained notebook in Elysian Park this week.  The notebook has a simple blue cover emblazoned with “FRANK’S TOP SECRETS” written in permanent marker across the front.

Inside, among other things, are Frank’s plans for the Dodger Stadium parking lots which he co-owns.  McCourt’s trademark scrawl is instantly recognizable in this “artists rendering”.


Click to Enlarge: Frank's Vision for Dodger Stadium Parking Lots

His design seems to merge two conflicting visions, one of large, usually smelly, things seemingly to disparage the Dodgers and their fans and another that indulges 3rd grader-esque fantasies of laser beams and bacon-wrapped hotdogs.  It is questionable why anyone would want their “home gym” next to a chicken processing plant.  Scholars believe the more positive additions were conceived before the sale, and the others in Frank’s “angry period” leading up to and following the sale.

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16 Facts About Jim Thome

Jim Thome’s 21-year career is a rare testament to Ripken-esque longevity. Tonight Thome returns to his original team, the Cleveland Indians just in time for his birthday. Here are some facts you probably didn’t know about the Five-Time All-Star:

  • Has two nicknames: “Jimbo Slice” and “Ol Hickory”
  • In his first season, baseball was still two words.
  • Called then-commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis “A real sonufabitch.”
  • Early career was basis for “The Natural”.
  • Played in the first televised baseball game.
  • Played for the Indians before the “Chief Wahoo” logo seemed racist.
  • Borrowed fellow Chicago White Sox player Joe Jackson’s shoes, forgot to return them.
  • In Thome’s first season, Cleveland was still “really nice”.
  • Wrote the famous Tom Hanks line “There’s no crying in baseball!”
  • Is Drew Carey’s dad.
  • Has played for all 30 Major League Baseball teams and 2 Negro Leagues teams.
  • Voted for Grover Cleveland – twice!
  • Has hit over 600 home runs.
  • Recently admitted to being older than Chipper Jones.
  • Stole ear of corn from “Field of Dreams” set.
  • Likes coffee


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