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MLB made of Lego bricks

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Because the internet doesn’t have enough Lego and Star Wars “art projects”: Here are all 30 MLB teams visualized as Lego bricks.  Some liberties were taken for clarity.  That means: mixed and matched uniforms, throwbacks and special jerseys (the Padres are in military-appreciation camo gear, and the Astros are straight outta 1982 for example).  Every team is unique in some way, just like a Pokemon.  Teams are arranged by division, looking ahead to 2013 when the Astros join the American League West.  No preferential treatment is implied by order or position.  Author is a Royals fan.

Texas Shoulder Detail

Note the Texas state flag on the Rangers left shoulder.

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Taking Pleasure From Boston’s Pain

Red Sox fans after collapseI’ve spent the last few days after the end of the MLB regular season (aka “The Greatest Day in Baseball History”) trying to come to grips with just how much pleasure I derived from seeing the Boston Red Sox complete their historic collapse. Clearly, it goes deeper than simple Schadenfreude and taps into something deeper about the Red Sox specifically. After all, the Braves blowing a similar lead to lose the NL Wild Card on the last day didn’t elicit nearly the same gut response of sheer, unadulterated pleasure.

After some deeper introspection, I’ve come to realize that this all boils down to one fact: Boston fans are incredibly annoying, and seeing them suffer makes me feel good. And I say this as a person who knows a lot of people from Boston, and this is not a knock on them personally. It’s just that as a collective group, they are smug and intolerable – the sports fandom equivalent of the self-satisfied smirk of Pete Campbell from “Mad Men.”

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