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Lost Sports Video Games

Remember “The Black Bass” and “Shaq Fu”?  Neither do we, but cleaning out the office recently we found a couple awful old sports video games you may have missed (because they are fake).  Here are the first two.  We’re also welcoming submissions of your own obscure and terrible sports video games.

Here’s an NES classic celebrating the drunken tradition of trying to start the wave.  Experience the thrill of fan apathy, tangle with fan assistants and keep that beer meter full!

WaveStarter_NES cartridge box

The NES Classic “Wave Starter”

More recently, womens’ golf jumped on to the “street” trend.

LPGA Street for PS3

“LPGA Street” was the “And 1” of Womens’ golf

Promotional copy from the back of the box:
It’s time to take women’s golf back to where it all started – THE STREET! EA Sports’ new “LPGA Street” puts YOU in control of all your favorite female golfers. From Inbee Park to Jiyai Shin, all of your favorite LPGA Tour golfers are here. You might watch the LPGA Tour every week but you’ve NEVER SEEN WOMEN’S GOLF LIKE THIS BEFORE!
“LPGA Street” has features you JUST WON’T FIND in any other women’s golf game including:
– FULLY PLAYABLE, INTERACTIVE LEVELS including Rucker Park, Venice Beach and the Greenbrier Golf & Country Club Parking Lot.
– Signature moves from today’s hottest LPGA stars. Blow the competition away with Gerina Piller’s signature DOWN ‘N’ DIRTY DRAW DRIVE! Melt faces with Paula Creamer’s XTREME CHIP & RUN! Crush the field with So Yeon Ru’s PITCHING WEDGE FLOP SHOT. String shots together for AWESOME COMBOS to take down even the toughest par-fives.
– Players are fully customizable with authentic LPGA hairstyles including SHORT! MEDIUM-SHORT! and MEDIUM! Deck them out in the hottest duds with clothing options such as shorts, Capri shorts and khakis IN MULTIPLE COLORS. (Note: khakis not available on Wii.)
BUY NOW and receive a $10 coupon good for the preorder of “NASCAR Front Tire Changer 2013.”

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